The Life of "Alonso Kiss"

"Alonso Kiss" alias "Marcelo" was born in 1988 in Hanover. The giant, now almost two meters tall, grew up in a Brazilian-German family until he moved to the small town "Nordleda" in the Cuxhaven district when he was five years old. At the age of twelve he discovered his love for music and began to write his own songs.

"Lil Bow Wow" was my role model"

The first "Lil Bow Wow" video caught me right away. I was about his age when he came out and I wanted to dress like him, make videos like him, and live this life like him.


A short time later a school friend asked me to burn him a couple of "Aggro Berlin" CDs that he had borrowed from other Hip Hop fans. When I had the originals in my hands, I began to listen to the songs in a loop and to write out the lyrics. "I wanted rap along with the lyrics perfectly."


"Motorcar mechanic with a five grade certificate"

To the detriment of my school grades, I continued to develop my songwriting and performance skills. When I left the tenth grade, at the secondary school, with a straight five grade certificate, even applying for an apprenticeship position as a Motorcar mechanic was a challenge.


After two years of vocational school and with a little vitamin B, I found an apprenticeship where I successfully graduated as an automotive mechatronics technician.


Immediately afterwards I did my military service with the paratrooper battalion 373 in Seedorf.


"Hamburg City was my playground!"

After my military service I came to Hamburg and worked as a freelancer. I did almost every job I could get. "If you have work ... here is my number."


In no time at all, I was familiar with the city and decided to visit the business school again. "Suddenly everything was so easy." The plan was to start a dual course of study and I soaked up the knowledge so that I even left the school with a one-point technical college entrance qualification.


"Put the whole cash register on the videotape!"

During my time at school I started over under the stage name "Marlio" and put everything on one card. Instead of starting the planned dual course of study, I worked my way from job to job, from flat share to shared flat and put all my money on studio sessions, video shoots and everything you need as an artist. I can't count how many emails I've sent to labels,

A & Rs and other managers. In 2020 I decided to start over from scratch and produced myself in my DIY studio by the name "Alonso Kiss".

"1000 jobs for my music passion"

I think there´s no job that I haven't already done to finance studio time, video shoots and everything to release music in 2020. During my training, I worked as a pizza driver on the weekends at Flying Pizza in Cuxhaven. Later I earned my thalers for a short time as a beverage logistician and then as a bartender in Jannsen's Tanzpalast in Ihlienworth.


After my basic military service, the promoter jobs in Hamburg flew to me and I had my first team leader position for a cigarette guerilla club promotion. More and more agencies had my number and I tried to work as much as I could


"Less sleep, more night shift"

In the summer of 2014 I was on 24/7 standby for the beach club "Piano Beach" in Altona. Then I switched between the early shift as a driver at the Starcar rental company and the night shift as a bartender in the "Moondoo" nightclub on the Reeperbahn.


The wild times became apparent on the edges of my eyes and I switched to event logistics at the event agency "Imagency", where I accompanied one project after another with the wildest boys and girls. At the same time I founded my moving company "Die Vollautomaten" with the slogan: "Work is the best jacket!"

"Jet set Lifestyle - Hamburg - Kitzbühel"

Suddenly I was a handcrafter in Kitzbühel and a moving company in Hamburg. From 2016 to 2019 I lived in the noblest district of Kitzbühel in a small room with a view to the "Wilder Kaiser", had Small place in an attic in Cuxhaven and was in Hamburg for relocations.


In 2018 I decided to put everything on the music card again and took a break on the construction site. I produced my 17-song album "1988" in Hamburg and only did a job every now and then.


When I was moving an old friend and didn't have a place to stay for the next spring months, I offered him to paint his old apartment and in return was allowed to stay on an air mattress for 2 months.


I bought a washing machine from "eBay Kleinanzeigen" and a clothes dryer from "Aldi". At first I didn't need more to continue chasing the dream.



Fashion model at Zalando x Calvin Klein

When the option came up to work as a Big & Tall Model, I of course didn't say no. "The Beauty and the youth are not a virtue!" my master and friend Torsten always said and since it is an exciting way to earn money, I said directly: "Yes!".  


Since 2020 I have been marketed by the Hamburg model agency "Curve Model Management". Clients include Zalando, Calvin Klein and Jack & Jones.


In winter 2020 I had a job as a janitor in the "Boberger Hospital" on Wednesday and drove to Berlin in the evening to shoot the next day for Zalando.

Life is crazy!







Fashion model at Zalando x Calvin Klein